Emma Wilson is a highly sought-after speaker with a natural flair for communicating with audiences

A master of the platform, her passion and enthusiasm always inspires creativity and vision

Whether you are looking for someone to offer mentoring, teach workshops or speak at your conference,
Emma Wilson is an effective and influential communicator

Emma studied journalism at university and trained as a broadcast journalist with the BBC. She worked as a reporter for BBC Breakfast News, Watchdog, Working Lunch and then the One, Six and Nine O’clock news.

Her passion for empowering and inspiring female creatives, has seen Emma chosen to speak at The Video Show/ The Photography Show for two years running.

In 2018, she became the first Canon-recognised Videographer and is now one of their official trainers and educators. In 2019, she gave presentations on storytelling for Canon and The Video Show, using outstanding audio for Sennheiser and spoke on behalf of the ‘Women Who Photo’ campaign.

In early 2019, Emma spoke at Speak Now, a unique event designed to increase the visibility of women in their industry. The event included an ‘Ask Me Anything panel’ and an open mic Forum for the audience to gain experience and practice public speaking.


Listening to Emma talk about sound design was really insightful. She explained how to make audio work for the story & not just about the gear. Simply eye opening. The practicalities of how to record, what to record & how to layer it opened my eyes to how I should capture sound for film & layer it to sound natural & clear. Syntax was
a concept I’d not been able to wrap my head around before seeing Emma’s example of an edited film flowing
back & forth rather than just
jumping randomly.

Stephen William Brown

I got so much out of your talks at The Video Show and believe your talks are appropriate and informative for those at every level of the industry. You’re obviously very well informed (know your sh*t) and I hope I can see more of your talks in the future.
I enjoyed the few short films you showed and thought they really supported what you were saying.

I loved how you really didn’t hold anything back and how fully you answered questions from the audience.

Nicole Huggins

As well as filming weddings, I occasionally make videos for YouTube & published one about wedding audio a few days [before your talk at The Video Show]. It was interesting to hear your thoughts & to see gear I hadn’t considered. It was nice to listen to somebody who spoke in a very humble, down-to-earth manner. While most people at the show were nice, there were a few speakers who were keen to blow their own trumpets rather than share their knowledge and experiences on their particular presentation topic.


I asked Emma to present at Speak Now because I knew she had a wealth of unique experience in public speaking from her special background in video journalism with the BBC. From start to finish Emma was extremely professional, she was always on form with communicating during the pre-event stage and gave a fantastic presentation that many attendees learnt a lot from. She was great at inspiring confidence in others, by sharing an honest and vulnerable account of herself, whilst still teaching tangible and useful skills

Marianne Chua, Speak Now