My name is Emma Wilson and I am an audiovisual storyteller.

I’m also a mum of two boys, a bit of a control-freak and a pretty awful cook!

As well as being Creative Director of Story Of Your Day, a highly regarded wedding film company commanding five-figure commissions
from discerning clients from around the world, I am also passionate about inspiring and educating others.

After twenty years at the BBC as a newsreader and Video Journalist, I resigned to follow my dreams and run my own company.

To be honest, I’m a slave to my business but I’ve never been happier and had so much freedom, I’ve travelled to fantastic
destinations and met amazing people along the way.

The one thing I have learnt in my six years running Story Of Your Day is that ’standing still is not an option’, not if you want to be successful.

In whatever success means to you! We create magic for the clients we work for and I want to share my secrets on how to do that, with you.


I am a qualified videographer trainer and mentor. My experience of delivering one-to-one sessions and working for the BBC’s College
Of Journalism has proven to me that intimate focussed training is the best way of learning and developing this special skillset.

As well as a Canon recognised filmmaker I am also in partnership with Steadipod, sound specialist Sennheiser and a beta-tester for Instamic.

In 2018, 2019, and this year, I appeared on stage at The Photography Show in Birmingham, representing Canon on the
Spotlight Stage and an ambassador for the Women Who Photo and Film campaign.

I also run a corporate video production company – The Story Creatives – which engages audiences with creative filmmaking and
powerful storytelling … and also allows me to work at home, closer to my family!

Swiss Studio Office
Wengen Lodge
Schluecht 1493C
Wengen 3823