On Stage and Beyond: My Speaking Experience at the Filmmaker Global Festival

by | Apr 12, 2024

Last week, I returned from the first edition of the Filmmaker Global Festival and Conference in Athens, a significant gathering for filmmakers and industry professionals. As the founder of Story Of Your Day and Evolve Videography Training, my attendance was not just about participation; it was an invaluable opportunity to engage with the global filmmaking community and enhance both my craft and teaching methods. This event served as an excellent platform for both my wedding film brand and my filmmaker education program, allowing me to share insights and absorb valuable knowledge from some of the best in the industry.

During the festival, I delivered a presentation titled “Unlocking Cinematic Magic: The Power of Audio and Sound Design in Wedding Films.” This topic, crucial for anyone interested in elevating their film production through superior sound quality, allowed me to merge practical techniques from Evolve Videography Training with advanced storytelling strategies from Story Of Your Day. My dual role not only enriched the learning experience for attendees but also provided me with key takeaways that will enhance both my business and educational offerings.

My Judging Experience at the Filmmaker Festival

The first day of the Filmmaker Global Festival in Athens thrust me into the role of a judge, an honor that was both profound and enlightening. Judging alongside some of the industry’s most incredible filmmakers and photographers, I was part of a panel tasked with evaluating a diverse array of entries. This collaborative environment not only enriched the experience but also offered multiple perspectives on what makes exceptional wedding filmmaking.

Storytelling and Emotional Impact: The core of any wedding film is its story. I looked for films that effectively captured the emotion of the day and told a unique story in an engaging way. It was important that these films made the viewer feel connected to the characters and the event, regardless of their relationship to the couple.

Cinematic Quality: Visuals play a critical role in wedding films. The winning entries showcased exceptional cinematography, using lighting, angles, and shot compositions that transformed ordinary scenes into cinematic experiences.

Innovative Use of Sound: Given my passion for sound design, I paid close attention to how filmmakers used audio to enhance their storytelling. Winning films often featured clear, well-mixed audio, clever use of music, and ambient sounds that enriched the overall sensory experience.

Editing and Pacing: Good editing makes a film not just watchable but compelling. I valued films that demonstrated thoughtful pacing and rhythm, which kept the audience engaged from start to finish. Effective transitions, timing, and the flow of the narrative were key elements I looked for.

Originality and Creativity: In a sea of wedding films, those that brought new ideas or approached the genre in innovative ways stood out. Creativity in storytelling, unique thematic elements, and unexpected moments were all traits that scored highly on my list.

This judging experience was enlightening, as it allowed me to see a wide array of styles and approaches in wedding filmmaking. Each entry brought its own flavour and creativity, and the winners particularly impressed with their ability to convey deep emotional narratives through refined filmmaking techniques.

There were several different awards handed out and one of the most enjoyable part of the three days was the Awards Ceremony.

I had the honour of giving  the award for Best Sound Design, which was won by Sergio Ebli for his film ‘Motherland’

You can read more about the awards and the winners here…

The Awards and Winners

My Speaker Experience at the Filmmaker Global Festival Conference

At the Filmmaker Global Festival in Athens, I had the privilege of leading a session titled “Unlocking Cinematic Magic: The Power of Audio and Sound Design in Wedding Films.” This talk was a deep dive into why mastering audio is crucial for elevating wedding films from good to unforgettable.

I spoke about unlocking the power of storytelling in cinematic wedding films through the world of audio and sound design. Learn about the importance and power of audio in this captivating session.  It will take you on a journey through the subtle nuances of ambient sound, the value of music  and the power of the spoken word in elevating your storytelling.  We will look at where and how to find audio, how to  capture it flawlessly, and the art of sound design in the edit that will set your films apart. 

I discussed the advancements in AI technology and demonstrated how to leverage it to your advantage without faking it and shared  the secrets of sound design in its profound impact on the language of film and the secrets of Syntax.  The session was all about how to help the delegates stand out with outstanding audio, elevate their craft and create extraordinary films with storytelling and sound design at their heart.

By integrating these demonstrations into my talk, I aimed to provide a comprehensive learning experience, equipping fellow wedding filmmakers with both the knowledge and the practical skills to excel in audio and sound design. Sound is a powerful storytelling tool, and when wielded effectively, it can transform a wedding film into a deeply immersive and emotional experience.

Lessons from Visionaries

Throughout the Filmmaker Global Festival, I had the privilege of witnessing presentations by some of the most visionary filmmakers and photographers in our industry. Each shared unique insights and methods that not only inspired me but also offered valuable lessons applicable to wedding filmmaking. 

Francisco Montoro and The Ferros demonstrated how their innovative approaches can be integrated into wedding films to captivate and engage audiences on a deeper level. Daniele Donati spoke about the power of marketing and selling your work and Riccardo Fasoli keynote speech was about preserving authenticity in wedding videography.

You can read more about the conference and the inspiring talk here:

Conference Highlights

At every great conference, the opportunity for networking extends far beyond the closing ceremonies and end-of-conference party. The Filmmaker Global Festival in Athens was no exception. It was not just a showcase of exceptional talent but also a hub for forming lasting professional relationships. 

The connections made here – through discussions, shared experiences, and collaborative insights – are poised to evolve and strengthen over time. We are now part of a vibrant community of filmmakers and photographers, united by our passion and commitment to pushing the boundaries of our craft. As we move forward, the bonds formed at this festival promise a future where innovation in wedding filmmaking can flourish, driven by a network of creative minds inspired to work together.

Thank you to Daniele Donati and Kostas Petsas from Cinema of Poetry for not only staging such a great event but also personally for inviting me to work alongside you and help educate, inspire and empower other creatives in the wedding film industry.

Link to speakers & judges

Emma Wilson – Story Of Your Day

Kostas Petsas – Cinema of Poetry  

Daniele Donati – Daniele Donati Films

Nicole Roscini and Vinx Ferrara The Ferros 

Riccardo Fasoli  Kreativ Wedding Films

List of award winners

The winners of the Filmmaker Global International Festival and Conference Film Festival are: